Exploring Ayung River’s Beauty by Rafting Adventure

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Illustration of Rafting Adventure.
Illustration of Rafting Adventure (Photo: Cynthia Andres/ Unsplash)
  • Whitewater adventure at Ayung River near Ubud will give you different experience while getting closer to nature
  • Feel the adventure and enjoy the picturesque panorama at the surroundings and relief of Ramayana epic on the cliff wall

HAVING explored various destinations and watching cultural performances of Bali, you probably want to further experience the other sides Bali has to offer. One of them is rafting Bali adventure. When spending holidays in Bali, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful adventure.

Each rafting provider company offers free transfer from hotel or villa to location and vice versa. Before starting the rafting adventure Bali, a well-trained and experienced guide or instructor will provide guidance for the rafting participants. He will introduce rafting equipment in use such as life jackets, paddles, inflatable boats and sitting positions on the boat. No less important is how to save yourselves in case your boat overturns. In addition, the guide also explains other important matters related to the participants’ comfort and safety.

Each inflatable boat may accommodate 4 persons for the sake of safety. Then, each boat will also be escorted by a well-experienced guide in this Rafting Bali Ubud. Having gone along for few kilometers, you will have a stop at certain point that will give you the opportunity to take photos.

With a route of approximately 12 km long, participants of Ayung rafting Ubud can cover the distance within two hours. The challenging rapids and fresh river water will soothe the trip while enjoying the beauty of Ayung rafting Ubud along the path passed through. On one river wall, participants can also see Balinese carvings on the river wall depicting the epic of Ramayana spreading along one kilometer.

Beautiful and verdant scenery on the valley and the presence of many resorts, villas and famous hotels make it look wonderful. So, the Ayung Rafting is suitable for recreational rafting as also offering cliff jump spot with a height of 4 meters that you should never miss. Then, its waterfall spot is appropriate for taking a photo (selfie) or you can feel the heavy waterfall showering your head.

Having explored the river and arrived at the finish point, all participants are provided with a place to rest, have changing rooms, bathrooms, and towels. When everything is okay after the adventure, you are invited to enjoy buffet lunch. It’s the end of your adventure!


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