Witnessing Dolphins on Lovina Beach in Northern Bali

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Illustration of swimming dolpin.
Illustration of swimming dolpin (Photo: Nimue Slot on Pixabay)
  • WONDERFUL panorama of Lovina Beach will surely tease every visitor and take them away from hustles and bustles
  • The presence of dolphin watching in Bali attraction makes this tourist destination in North Bali perfect

Lovina in North Bali offers one of the very interesting sea animal attractions, namely watching dolphin tour, in the morning. Lovina Beach is located at Kalibukbuk village, or exactly 10 km to the west of Singaraja town.

This black sandy beach has a nice atmosphere and stays very natural accompanied by soft waves. A row of small fishing boats parked on the beach makes it look very beautiful. And the traditional boats owned by local fishermen group will accompany guests to go to sea to watch dolphin in Lovina.

In order to see the dolphin in action, you must have gone to sea before the sun rises. The right time to see the dolphins in their natural habitat amid the sea is between 6:00 and 8:00 in the morning local time. So, you should have been at the location no later than around 5:30 in the morning. Well, if you happen to stay in Southern Bali like the tourist area of ​​Kuta, you should get up early around 2:30 because the trip for Lovina dolphin tour takes 3 hours as passing through long and winding roads.

Meanwhile, the location of Lovina dolphin watching is about 1 km from the shoreline. Some of them are jumping to the surface while some others are just swimming. So, watching the action of the sea animals will enrich your holiday experience.

The activity of seeing Lovina dolphins in the waters of Lovina lasts for around hours. Guests will be escorted to the sea by fishermen in traditional boats, where dolphins often appear. Watching dolphin attraction is indeed free, but the payment is for the boat rental. Each person will be charged ranging from around IDR 110,000 without breakfast (including the use of a life jacket). The traditional boat has the capacity of 5 passengers.

To maintain the comfort of dolphins and tourist satisfaction, the boat captain will avoid from cutting dolphin swimming paths and precisely sail in the direction of the dolphins whether on the right or left side of the dolphin. Then, the boat’s propeller is lifted and the engine is turned off when approaching dolphin. Ultimately, a good distance is kept from the herd of dolphins.

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