Pucak Tedung Temple, a Tribute to Ancient Sage

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Puncak Tedung Temple
Puncak Tedung Temple at Kerta Village, Petang, Badung (Photo: Manggala Putra)
  • DANGHYANG Nirartha, an ancient Hindu sage, started his pilgrimage from Java to the East to establish Hinduism 
  • He had a sojourn at Pucak Tedung, Kerta village, Petang, North Badung, before further resuming his pilgrimate

Pucak Tedung Temple is located in the territory of ​​Kerta Village, Petang, Badung. This area includes the plateau in the Northern Badung region which is about 30 km north of Denpasar City.

As the name suggests Pucak or ‘peak’ in Balinese language, this temple perches on the highlands. Therefore, when being in the outermost courtyard of the temple, we can see the beauty of the very natural scenery around the temple. In the west, vehicles will be seen passing by on the Denpasar-Singaraja route through Bedugul (Tabanan). In the south, there is also a beautiful landscape and at night there will be flickering lights of the hotels in the Sanur and Nusa Dua Beach areas. In the meantime, in the east there is a stretch of mountains.

Uniquely, the Pucak Tedung Temple has not been surrounded by a buffer wall until these days, but only bordered with neatly arranged trees. The supporting devotees of the temple have belief and do not dare to wallow it because even without the wall the temple is considered to be very holy because it is located in the highlands.

History of the Temple

Historically, when Danghyang Nirartha traveled from Pulaki to Eastern Bali, he took a rest on a plateau at Kerta Village, Petang. As he continued on his way, he missed his umbrella. At night, the umbrella is seen to glow and has supernatural powers. At that time, King of Mengwi ordered the local people to build a holy place in the form of a three-tiered meru shrine as a tribute to Danghyang Nirartha.

Finally, the hill was named Pucak Tedung with a panoramic view of East, West and South Bali. Certainly, the hill can become an appropriate sanctuary for those looking for tranquility or practicing meditation.

Supporting facilities

For the convenience of pilgrims and visitors, this temple has been equipped with various facilities. For example, there are adequate parking lot as well as clean and well-maintained toilets. Last but not least, there is also a gazebo for relaxing and food stalls.


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