Cilembu Sweet Potato Tastes Naturally Sweet

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Cilembu sweet potato
Roasted Cilembu sweet potato.
  • DESIRING to taste natural refreshment? Once upon a time try tasting baked Cilembu sweet potato.
  • Apart from being delicious, this sweet potato is also nutritious because of containing high calories and vitamin A

One of the natural refreshments that are widely sold on the roadside is Cilembu sweet potato which is perfectly baked in the oven. Its flesh tastes quite soft in the mouth and makes us addicted.

As the name suggests, Cilembu sweet potato is widely cultivated at Cilembu Village, Sumedang in West Java. It has different characteristic from other sweet potatoes. Since it is cultivated and marketed in a modern manner, it has been getting popular and now reached almost all major cities in Indonesia, including Denpasar (Bali).

Many roadside outlets, traditional markets to supermarkets in Denpasar now offer Cilembu sweet potatoes. Enthusiasts are welcome to choose raw or cooked (in the oven) one. People have the chance to cook in their own way, whether by steaming, roasting, frying or processing it into various cakes.

These sweet potatoes are perfect for serving with tea on any occasion. This yellow source of carbohydrates gives it a savory and sweet taste. Oh yes, it is said that Cilembu sweet potato benefit is having high calories and vitamin A. Definitely, this can be an option other than regular breads or cakes you have regularly enjoyed.

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