Rural Children Play with Simple Stuff

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Children at village street
Children are playing at village street happily. (Photo: Joseph Sampson/Pixabay)
  • CHILDHOOD is an enjoyable period where children can play and play again almost without limit. Due to absorption, maybe they forget to stop for bathing or eating.
  • Different from today’s children, those in the past just played with simple stuff while having interaction with nature and playmates. Nevertheless, they also enjoyed it very much.

When dawn breaks, a number of roosters crow to wake up children. Meanwhile, the birds sing from one branch to another branch. The day gradually begins to lighten. What a beautiful day it is! Children who are not yet at school age have left the house and played on the quiet village streets.

Childhood is indeed full of joy and almost always forget their time to stop playing. In fact, they should always be reminded when to shower and eat. Because they are absorbed in interacting with the environment and their peers, they must always be told when to stop playing.

Those chiefly girls prefer to play buying and selling, catching dragonflies and cooking. Some little boys and girls may mingle, even on dusty streets. They are not afraid of getting dirty because after that they will be able to bathe themselves in rivers or streams in crowd. The solution is simple like that.

Like in other regions, the boys in Bali also like playing slightly challenging games such as stilts, coconut shell clogs, fishing or hide-and-seek which relies on agility or running fast. Well, this model is indeed challenging and exhausting. And their playground is unlimited, it can be everywhere such as quiet village street, moor, rice field, river or even beach sand. In short, it gives them fun.

The no less interesting is running around the village street while hitting a used motorcycle tire. Armed with a short stick, while running they just beat the bare bicycle tire. They can deftly brake or deflect the tire just by attaching the stick. But wait! This can only be done in deserted streets for the sake of safety. Otherwise, they will be surely forbidden by their parents. To sum up, they are good at playing with just like a simple circus attraction.

Even though with only used tires, they can have got priceless pleasure. Maybe it’s almost as enjoyable as millennial kids today who have played with today’s high-tech gadgets. Thus, time brings its own enjoyment to children. Ten years from now, their popular games may be changed with introduction of next new ones.



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