Sweet Durian Comes with Tempting Aroma

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Durian fruit
Ripe durian fruit exudes strong aroma and tastes sweet.
  • SWEET durian can tempt almost all fruit lovers. Other than being enjoyed directly, durian can be made into some delicious cakes.
  • Probably due to attracting many lovers and delicacy, durian is named the King of Fruits

Durian fruit or Durio zibethinus is one of the favorite tropical fruits from Southeast Asia. As the name suggests, this durian (thorn-covered rind) is prickly like jackfruit. Durian trees can grow up to 20-50 meters high, depending on the species of durian. It has uniqueness that it sheds the leaves after the fruiting period is over.

In Indonesia, including Bali, durian is widely cultivated. Even, a number of creative farmers take advantage of it for agro-tourism, where tourists can go around durian gardens and then pick durian fruit directly. After thatn, they can taste it on site.

When it is fully ripe, it exudes a very strong smell. So, wherever it will be hidden, it can be easily found because the smell can be traced.

Even though it smells pungent, it offers a delicious taste. On that account, many people who like this fruit, but not a few also hate it. Maybe it happens because of the sharpness of the durian fruit smell that can cause them to feel nauseous when smelling it. Apart from this controversy, the durian also earned the nickname as the King of Fruits.

There are a number of types of durian. Each of which has its own characteristics in terms of taste, the the flesh and its aroma. Here are three of them, namely Bawor: it is extremely large and weighing up to 4-6 kilograms each. The pulp is very thick and has very small seeds. It has solid and sticky texture but tastes sweet mixed with slightly bitter. Monthong: has thick and large fruit flesh. Durian fruit tastes very sticky and sweet. Civet King has thick yellow flesh and not too soft but very sweet. Besides, it also smells very good.

When the durian season arrives, it is very easy to find durian fruit for sale because many traders sell it in traditional markets, supermarkets and roadsides. If you happen to be traveling on the Paradise Island of Bali, chiefly on the direction of Bedugul from Denpasar or vice versa, you will find fruit traders at several points at Luwus Village and its surroundings selling various local fruits including durian.

Well, you can buy and try it on the spot. If it is not enough, you can buy again as much as you want without having to take it to the hotel where you are staying because the smell can disturb other guests.

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