Conservation of Endek Weaving Goes Hand in Hand with Business

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An endek weaving is under progress. (Image: Angles Nviews/Pixabay)er
An endek weaving is under progress. (Image: Angles Nviews/Pixabay)
  • LOVELY endek fabric is one of Balinese typical products made through traditional process remaining to be preserved up to these days
  • In keeping with time, this fabric is not only used for customary attires but also for wider context such office uniform, school uniform and in combination with daily fashion and accessories

Indonesia is rich in superb cultures supported by hundreds of ethnics along with their local languages and exceptional traditions. If you happen to spend holiday on the Island of Bali, you can start exploring this diversity from here.

Apart from language and delicious food, the identity of Balinese community also lies in its fabrics. This has something to do with its Hindu religious and customary activities. The typical Balinese fabrics include endek, rangrang, geringsing, songket and cepuk. Basically, these fabrics are entirely made by weaving threads manually or using non-mechanical looms.

These typical Balinese ikat fabrics are produced in Gianyar, Klungkung, Karangasem, Buleleng, Denpasar and Jembrana. Each of which has its characteristic motif. This weaving works are mostly carried out by housewives after completing their domestic works, both through full-time work and freelance. By that way, they can get income to support family’s economy.

Klungkung and Karangasem are two regions in East Bali having many active weavers. One of the famous villages in Karangasem known as the center for traditional weaving fabrics is Sidemen. Some weaving businesses have workship behind its store. So, visitors can see in person the process of weaving.

Where to purchase the endek products? You can purchase at the location or their store. Optionally, if you have no time to come directly to weavers, there some center for store of Balinese fabric like this endek namely traditional market across Bali. A great collection of these traditional Balinese fabrics can also be found at Kumbasari Market, Badung Market (along Jalan Sulawesi), Kreneng Market in Denpasar as well as Semarapura Market in Klungkung, across the Kerthagosa tourist object.

Endek fabric has also got great support from local government through policy of using endek as uniform for civil servants and employees of private companies. Thus, weavers will be able to survive and keep on weaving. In one hand, the policy help preserve the weaving tradition while on the other hand it gives economic sbenefits.

The other support extended by the government is by involving weavers to showcase their products in exhibition, art festival and fashion week that promote endek fabric. With the assistance provided by government, the endek products are widely develop to make derivative products such as bags, wallets, hats, shoes, sandals and other fashion accessories.


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