Mouth-Watering Fish Stock Fruit Salads

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Fruit salad with fish stock.
Fruit salad with fish stock.
  • FRUIT salads are commonly using sauce made from palm sugar or tamarind paste mixed with other spices
  • However, this salad applies fish stock blended with spices to result in different flavor and one of the favorit snacks of Bali

When traveling to Bali, do not forget to taste the uniqueness of local culinary delights. One of them is the typical Balinese fruit salad or better known as rujak kuah pindang. It tastes sour, sweet, savory due to shrimp paste and fish stock.

Rujak Kuah Pindang is made from a variety of fresh fruits and is almost similar to sweet-sauced salads. Some of the fruits frequently used for this delicacy are yam bean, young mango, water apple, papaya, kedondong, cucumber, star fruit, pineapple and others. Optionally, you can choose some preferred fruits or even choose only young mango.

What about the preparation? Here is the preparation in brief. First of all, peel off all the fruits and then slice them thin. If the common salad takes advantage of palm sugar spice along with chilies, well, this salad uses fish stock in combination with mixed spice of salt, shrimp paste and chili.

Fish stock for this fruit salad Bali is made by boiling tuna fish with lemongrass and bay leaf. Do it until being well cooked and the stock is cloudy. After that, it must be strained. Finely ground all spices without additional water because it will be mixed with kuah pindang (fish stock). Stir evenly the fish stock with the spices that have been mashed. Don’t forget to include the fruits having been sliced into small pieces beforehand.

At the end, evenly stir the fruit slices with the fish stock and sauce so that they are absorbed properly. Serve this fruit salad on the prepared dish. You will get different sensation when enjoying fruit salads made from the combination of fish stock and this mixed sauces.

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