Maybe Ice Candy Will Bring You to Past Time

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Assorted ice candies
There are assorted ice candies that provide more choices to consumers.
  • DO you remember favorite refreshment when attending primary school? Well, one of them is ice candy giving sweet and refreshing flavor.
  • People are quite creative because they make a number of variants pursuant to the appetite of current generation

Do you like ice candy (Bahasa Indonesia: es lilin or literally ‘candle ice’)? Maybe you still remember when you were in elementary school, the ice candy might also be your favorite snack. This ice candy is indeed giving freshness so that sleepy eyes while resting can be made refreshed.

As the name suggests, the shape does resemble a medium sized candle. In terms of price, this snack really fits in the pocket (pocket money). It will be more delicious if we snack and suck it directly from the ice candy bag. Don’t leave it in the open for too long or it will melt. If this is the case, it will no longer be an ice, but becomes like the raw material of it.

Even though this ice candy snack has existed from time immemorial, it is still not out of date. Like other products, this ice candy also needs to be preserved so that the next generation can also enjoy the sensation of this ice candy.

In terms of taste, ice candy has many variants because the makers are very creative and keep up with the times. They adapt to the trend of children’s drinks at that time.

In addition to the common ice candy flavor of green bean porridge, now there are also a number of flavors such as the rujak (tamarind plus palm sugar), pop ice, black sticky rice, chocolate and some others.

Where can you get one? Apart from the road side food stalls, sometimes there are also mobile traders riding bicycles or motorbikes that move from one village to another or around housing complex.

There are simple ice candy recipes that are not so difficult to make. For example, suppose you want to make green bean flavored ice candy. When making green bean porridge, try making just a few wraps. Take a small plastic bag. After that, fill a few spoons of the green bean porridge. Don’t forget to leave a space at the end of the plastic bag in order we can make a knot or tie the end with rubber band. Having completed this step, place it in the freezer. Wait for it until frozen and it is ready to enjoy.


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