A Return to Nature at Lake Buyan, Bali

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Lake Buyan, Bali
Lake Buyan in Northern Bali.
  • LAKE Buyan in Buleleng can be a stopover when taking tours to Northern Bali after visiting Ulundanu Beratan Temple, Bedugul.
  • It offers the beauty of lake surrounded by tropical forest in the sourrounding hills. Many activities can be done here like fishing, camping at lakeside and trekking local forest.

Bali has four lakes where one of which is Lake Buyan. This lake is located in the area of Pancasari village, Sukasada, Buleleng. The lake is formed in a large caldera and flanked by Lake Tamblingan in the west and Lake Beratan in the east.

Lake Buyan spread across an area of ​​approximately 490 hectares with a maximum depth of 89 meters. As being adjacent to Lake Tamblingan, they are also known as twin lakes. The two lakes are only separated by 1 km of forest and connected by a narrow canal.

Nowadays, Lake Buyan has become a tourist attraction in the North Bali tourism area. Various activities and its charms make visitors interested in visiting even though it is not yet crowded enough. So, for those wishing an object that is not too crowded, this location can be considered.

What to do?

After buying an entrance ticket in the booth near Denpasar-Singaraja highway, you will pass through the garden area owned by local residents. There they develop cabbage, strawberries, avocado and other commodities. After that, you can rest a while at the Wantilan hall and the parking space provided is quite spacious.

Then, if you like fishing, you can rent a fishing rod at the location complete with the bait. Location can be choosen at lakeside or rent a small sampan to go to in-lake fishing platform. Aside from doing hobby, you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery around it with different point of view.

Before the pandemic, the Buleleng district government regularly held various annual cultural activities in the event entitled the Twin Lakes Festival. Both lakes host the event. Apart from attracting tourist visits, this event is actually aimed at promoting local agriculture and inviting young people to farm and conserve nature. Implementation of the festival has showed success as local, domestic and foreign tourists like to get in touch with nature.

From Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport, Lake Buyan is approximately 73 km away and takes about 2 hours away by vehicle and sits at an altitude of 1,350 above sea level. Along the journey from Denpasar, you can make some stopover such as Eka Karya Botanical Garden, Candikuning Agro Market, Ulundanu Beratan Temple and Bali Handara Gate selfie spot.

Lake Buyan is surrounded by tropical forests including the habitat of monkeys on the incline of Wanagiri Village, and has spacious lakeside area so that it is often used for outing activities such as camping event by students and young people. Tent and other equipment rental are available around the Lake Buyan camp.

Around the Wanagiri Village, there are a number of selfie parks offering the the view of Lake Buyan and surrounding forest. This Lake Buyan selfie park can be found along the roadside to Seririt.

The natural tourism offered here includes trekking through the surrounding tropical forest starting from Lake Tamblingan and finishing at Lake Buyan. Therefore, you can enjoy various activities in the wild around Lake Buyan.


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