Who Wants to Learn the Art of Carving Fruits?

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Fruit Carving
A fruit carving contest held by Bali Agriculture Agency for the level of Tourism Vocational School. village.nusaweek.com, explore bali village
  • NUMEROUS fruits can be taken advantage for carving material for decorating the venue of a dining event.
  • By the way, if wishing to learn carving fruits in Balinese style while spending holidays in Bali, simply take a fruit carving class to enrich your experience

Various delightful activities can be taken while on vacation on the Island of the Gods. Apart from making a visit to your favorite destinations, you can also take creative tour packages where you are directly involved or experience the activities.

One of them is that you can take a fruit carving class. Fruit carving is a great way to enjoy your precious time in Bali and coalesce into local culture. Here is an art that goes hand in hand with culinary delights that makes the presentation of dishes look more delightful and memorable with the presence of local artistic nuances.

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Actually, the basics of traditional arts such as dancing, playing gamelan, carving, painting, weaving and others have been instilled from an early age when attending elementary school. Hopefully, the future generations will continuously preserve their cultural roots whether they make a living from it or not.

Having a basic in the art of carving, you can implement it in various media such as wood, stone, sand or fruit. No matter what medium you take advantage, this creativity still requires patience and thoroughness to result in an amazing work.

Similar patience is also needed when carving fruits because their flesh is not hard like wood. If the knife in use happens to be sharp enough, it will easily cut or slice the flesh of the fruits unintentionally. So, please be careful!

Meanwhile, the students of tourism vocational school majoring in food and beverage commonly get the practice of carving fruits so they will get ready to do it later on in the real field. On several occasions, they are also included in fruit carving contests to enrich their experience before graduating.

By the way, if you are interested in joining the fruit carving class, you are surely going to be taught patiently by the instructor. This activity has a lot of fun and you will be taught how to make artistic creations using a variety of fruits in combination with vegetables!

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