Let’s Explore Diving Spot of Arborek Island

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Arborek diving spot
Charms of Arborek Island Diving Spot (Image. Kemenparekraf)
  • DIVING lovers will be spoiled by the beauty of the underwater world on Arborek Island within Raja Ampat area
  • Its biodiversity and unique species are considered the highest in the world will pamper the eyes

Arborek Island, located in the Raja Ampat area, the westernmost part of Papua, with an area of ​​​​approximately 4.6 million hectares, is famous for its underwater natural beauty.

Raja Ampat itself is the name of a district that has 4 large islands, namely Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati and Misool islands, as well as 1,847 other small islands.

Where does the name Raja Ampat come from? Well, this name is believed to come from a local legend. Local people believe that in ancient times there was a woman who found seven eggs. The four eggs hatched into kings who ruled on the four main islands. Meanwhile, the other three eggs respectively became stones, woman, and supernatural beings or ghosts.

Well, for those of you who have a hobby of diving and snorkeling, the waters of Raja Ampat are one of the best destinations in the world. One of the favorite dive points is on Arborek Island. This island is very popular among tourists because of its position right around the pier. Various types of fish and colorful coral reefs can be found around the pier. Of course, its beauty will be able to anesthetize the tourists who travel to this island,

Moreover, Arborek Island was once included in the top 50 of the Indonesian Tourism Village Award 2021. Now, it is better known as the Arborek Tourism Village, which is located in the Meosmansar District, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua.

This 7-hectare island will take you approximately 30 minutes to explore on foot. The charm on offer is very wonderful with a stretch of white sand, very clear seawater and the houses of residents and homestays that are arranged neatly will spoil the eyes.

In addition, according to a report by an international environmental social organization, The Nature Conservancy and Conservation International, about 75 percent of the world’s coral species live in the waters of the Raja Ampat islands.

Not only that, this destination area is also said to have high species richness and uniqueness with the discovery of 1,318 species of fish, 699 types of mollusks (soft animals), and 537 types of coral reefs.

What are you waiting for? Discover and explore the beauty and charms of the underwater world of Arborek Island with its rich biodiversity.


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