Rooster in Cage Prepared for Formidable Fighter

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Rooster cage
A hobbyst takes care of some roosters in cage for cockfighting.

Confining a rooster is one of the hobbies that are usually carried out by residents of rural or urban areas in Bali. Their roosters are caged in a nicely woven bamboo basket.

Confining them in such a cage will make it easier for hobbyists to move the rooster in order to get the warmth of morning sun. Or even placed near the grass so they get fresh vegetables.

Through this activity, they can channel their hobbies to get relaxation after completing their routine works. Whether they work in the rice fields, in the garden or become construction workers.

There are unique and wonderful things related to the maintenance of this rooster. In addition to paying close attention to the feed needs of the roosters, they are diligent in bathing the rooster. They also move the roosters to get morning sun or feed supplements.

In return, they will be happy to see the appearance of a ‘glowing’ and healthy rooster. The second benefit is the crowing. Its melodious crowing can certainly be entertainment in itself. In fact, they are often used as natural time marker because they crow at regular time intervals.

Apart from being a hobbyist, there are also those who take advantage of this as a business opportunity. The collection of roosters is sold in the cockfighting arena to cockfighters and is offered at reasonable prices. Not all cockfighters bring their own rooster. They are sure that there will be someone who sells it in the cockfighting arena.

Well, the third is those who are hobbyists in raising roosters and also double as seller and cockfighter. In other words, they raise roosters with care so that they become tough fighters so as to be able to compete in the cockfighting arena.

Guidebook to fighting a rooster

Especially for those who are serious about fighting roosters, Balinese people have an ancient script called Pangayam-ayaman palm-leaf manuscript. In general, this manuscript contains the time of the auspicious day, the direction to leave the house, the direction to release the rooster in the fighting arena, the color of the feathers that will win and lose.

By looking at the auspicious days of each different color of rooster feathers, in order to have a chance to win in the fight, the collection of roosters brought must be adjusted to the auspicious days in the guidebook.

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