Tasty Chicken Clear Soup, an Indonesian Favorite Cuisine

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Chicken clear soup
Illustration of chicken clear soup. (Image: Kemenparekraf)

One of the Indonesia’s culinary icons is chicken clear soup or soto ayam. There is no doubt about its existence as this serving offers a distinctive taste and mellow texture of meat.

Supported by several spices, tender shredded chicken meat, delicious gravy from this chicken soup also variously featuring delicious dishes such as potatoes, vermicelli and bean sprouts. Visually, it makes it look interesting and you will always want to taste it.

Almost all soto lovers miss the savory taste of the broth and the sour, aromatic taste of lime. Now, what makes it even more tempting is the addition of various toppings, which can vary, ranging from sliced tomatoes to split boiled eggs.

This chicken soup is appropriate for lunch until dinner. It could be the right choice. There’s nothing wrong with trying this typical Indonesian dish. Uniquely, almost every region in Indonesia has a soto dish with its own characteristics.

In terms of the broth, this chicken soup is usually clear, however sometimes the cook may make it yellow because the seasoning applies a small slice of turmeric.

Where can I get it? It’s very easy to get  because this is one of the favorite dishes, so that tourists can get it almost everywhere such as in restaurants, food stalls to the roadside hawkers moving from one place to another.

What does the chicken soup come with? Commonly, a bowl of chicken clear soup is served with a dish of steamed rice and a bowl of chicken soup. Optionally, buyers can add hot chili condiment and soy sauce plus iced tea or hot orange drink.

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